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What is a magnetosphere?

asked 2016-05-14 22:44:12 -0600

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What is a magnetosphere? I know the Earth has one - what is it?

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answered 2017-06-28 07:05:25 -0600

jonyfries gravatar image

A magnetosphere is a area of space dominated by the magnetic field of a celestial body, like Earth ( A compass uses the magnetosphere to function as the needle is pulled toward the magnetic north pole, which isn't the same as the physical north pole. The magnetic north pole in fact moves over time (

Magnetosphere's are very important to maintaining the atmosphere of a planet as a star's solar wind will strip the atmosphere away from a planet. Magnetosphere's also provide protection from solar and interstellar radiation. The aurora borealis and aurora australis are in fact energy from the interaction of the solar wind and the magnetosphere. The reason they occur at the poles is because the magnetosphere, just like a magnet you might hold, pulls the energy towards the poles (

The magnetosphere is created by the movement of the metal molten core of Earth.

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