how to use bandwagonghost vps to build the ShadowsocksR server

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Within the internet, many people want to Speed up the network or hide his true IP and location, also you can throuth this to access the blocked websites. In this article, I will technology you how to build your own ShadowsocksR storage space with the bandwagonghost, it is very easy and cheap.

Before starting, we should buy a bandwagonghost's virtual private server, their official website is bandwagonhost. com, and we can buy any the server through paypal, visa or mastercard or alipay. Mainly because long as you paid the server invoices, this will be Automatically ready, it is very convenience.

Next, we start our tutorial. After we buy a vps server, we will see it on the services.

As shown above, we could click on the "Kiwivm Control Panel", and will see the management interface of bandwagonghos


Here many Settings and that we should choose the bottom level button "ShadowsocksR Server", we get started to build our ShadowsocksR serv

Next, click "Install ShadowsocksR Server" and then it will automatically complete, and the effect should like this, ShadowsocksR Producir


After installation completed, we go back to get started on the shadowsocksr and see the shadowsocksr server suggestions, it show Started effectively, that's


Now we hook up the ser


First, we download the software from on ste


it's for home windows, others also can be download, such as google android and


we open up this shadowsocksr-dotnet4. 0, and an aircraft will be at the Notification Place, right click on the icons-server-edite producir


Fill in the contentlike step 2 ShadowsocksR GUI settings the same, I had hided my ip address, but you should fill it then click


All done, use search "ip" and you find your ip is you bandwagonghost's internet protocol address, we can use this as vpn, hide and protect all of us

Should you loved this information and you wish to receive details concerning use shadowsocks i implore you to visit our own web page.

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