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What is the MOL program?

asked 2016-08-24 09:03:23 -0600

Rob Mueller gravatar image

The US military had a program called "Manned Orbiting Laboratory" - what are the details of this - what was the goal?

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answered 2016-08-26 17:19:39 -0600

Pascal Le Dramont gravatar image

The US Air Force had a space program in the 1960's called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL). Although the program's aims are highly classified, it is publicly known that the MOL was to be a military space station that would fly 30-day missions. One of the reasons often cited publicly for the project's demise was the advent of unmanned spy satellites. Orbiting platforms filled with high-powered cameras and radars were improving so fast the Air Force decided there was no need to have men in space to tend to them, according to several public accounts. MOL was cancelled in 1969, during the height of the Apollo program, when it was shown that unmanned reconnaissance satellites could achieve the same objectives much more cost-effectively.

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