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What is the payload capability of a SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy?

asked 2016-05-02 07:40:22 -0600

Pascal Le Dramont gravatar image

updated 2016-05-02 07:41:05 -0600

How much payload can the Space X Falcon launch?

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answered 2016-05-02 07:41:47 -0600

Rob Mueller gravatar image

updated 2016-05-04 23:59:18 -0600

The reusable Falcon 9' performance to geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) is listed by Space X as 5,500 kg. The same rocket in the fully expendable version can lift 50 percent more payload - 8,300 kg. For the Falcon Heavy, the performance to GTO is about 4X that of the reusable version at 22,200 kg

The expendable Falcon 9 payload capability is listed as capable of 22,800 kg to low earth orbit (LEO) and the Falcon Heavy is listed at 54,400 kg to LEO.


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