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Mars human crew landing site?

asked 2016-05-01 22:37:20 -0600

Pascal Le Dramont gravatar image

What is the best landing site for humans on Mars?

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answered 2016-05-02 23:09:26 -0600

Rob Mueller gravatar image

updated 2016-05-03 07:50:16 -0600

NASA's First Human Landing Sites/Exploration Zones on Mars Workshop was held on Oct. 27-30, 2016 in Houston, Texas.

NASA is currently involved in an effort to identify candidate Mars Exploration Zones that would contain regions of interest for both science and resource utilization. This effort is expected to take several years with extensive peer review.

The agency hosted the workshop to collect proposals for locations on Mars that would be of high scientific research value while also providing natural resources to enable human explorers to land, live and work safely on the Red Planet.

The first human explorers on the journey to Mars are expected to be quite mobile, with the ability to explore long distances from their habitat, a region being called an "Exploration Zone." In current planning activities, NASA assumes an Exploration Zone radius of approximately 60 miles (100 km).

NASA plans to use existing assets at Mars, such as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and the Odyssey spacecraft, to support the selection process of potential Exploration Zones. However, the life expectancy of MRO and Odyssey are limited. NASA is eager to take advantage of the remaining operational years of those Martian imagers to gather high resolution maps of potential Exploration Zones while the spacecraft remain operational.


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